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Skills for Automotive

Our Simulated Learning Platform

The vision for the facility is to engage with OEM’s, general manufacturers and logistics companies which have a vision and need for people development. We want to provide training solutions for these companies through utilizing our multi-functional skills school. Through our training facility we can simulate many facet of advanced skills for manufacturing and logistics through innovative simulated learning and the use of the associated systems and technologies. 
Our Simulated Learning Platform is a multi-functional facility which can quickly and easily simulate a range of manufacturing and logistical environments from multi speed continuous flow lines to direct to line logistics to minomi and SPS kitting arrangements. 
Our core focus for the simulator is around improving the performance in the area’s of Safety, People, Environmenty, Quality, Delivery and Cost through skills development for manufacturing and logistics across all levels of the business. 
We can run up to 20 different training programmes including creating operational stability/fundamental stability to our more generic ones which can be purchased as a part of the organization’s levy purchase.
For more information on how we can make a real difference to your people and business contact: 07713123865

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Showing you how Lean can support Logistics Operations to enable you to move your business forward.


Develop a sustainable business stratgey by meeting risks and opportunities head on.


Reduce wastage and develop processes to give maximum output.