KZN Management Training Solutions Ltd

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Management Certificate

Course Aim:

The programme will ensure your staff are skilled, properly trained and motivated to succeed in senior management positions.


12 – 15 months with 5 days off the job training.


The Management  Certificate Apprenticeship Level 3

Functional Skills L2 (x 3)


Fully funded for anyone not having a Level 4 qualification.


Your staff will develop competency in work planning, briefing, target setting, monitoring results, giving presentations, human resources, mentoring, numeracy, spread sheets and report writing..

Achievement of these professional qualifications leads to a solid set of skills for new managers and awareness of the latest working practices amongst existing managers

The course Is designed for minimal disruption as the part of the programme is online.

Other Benefits:

This Programme can be tailored to individual learners' and employers' needs -  to support and maintain effective management functions, despite changes that may occur in terms of products or services.



Be competitive whilst driving down costs, maintaining quality and achieving sustainable improvement.


Showing you how Lean can support Logistics Operations to enable you to move your business forward.


Develop a sustainable business stratgey by meeting risks and opportunities head on.


Reduce wastage and develop processes to give maximum output.