KZN Management Training Solutions Ltd

Creating value through the elimination of waste


How can Lean support Logistics Operations? Today within the Transport and Logistic sector we are facing a number of challenges which include Inventory Turns, Cycle Time, Full on Time Deliveries and Fill Rate.

In the current corporate landscape, businesses face challenges on all fronts, KZN Solutions support and work with our Clients transferring knowledge and sustainable skills using an easily understood and friendly approach.

KZN Solutions concentrate on designing programmes to deliver Lean sustainable solutions that our customer's need, through developing people's skills and assisting organisations to move forward with the Deployment of their Lean agenda.



  • Career Development Coaching



    Be competitive whilst driving down costs, maintaining quality and achieving sustainable improvement.


    Showing you how Lean can support Logistics Operations to enable you to move your business forward.


    Develop a sustainable business stratgey by meeting risks and opportunities head on.


    Reduce wastage and develop processes to give maximum output.