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IBC Vehicles

The support that IBC Vehicles has received from Mark Goding and Mick McGarrell (KZN) over the past few months has been exceptional.

We contacted KZN upon hearing that IBC Vehicles would be returning to a second shift operation and requested their support in providing quality induction training for our new starters.

Mick and Mark were quick to come down to our manufacturing plant to meet with us face to face to discuss the options that were available to us from their side. Their suggestions were both business appropriate and professionally presented.

The solution that was suggested came from clear analysis of our businesses’ need and Mick and Mark spent time ensuring that the programme was tailored to suit our requirements and they proved to be extremely flexible during this time.

From 3rd November 2014 KZN have fully supported 7 induction weeks for our new employees. This programme has taken our new starters through various activities such as Motorbike and side car and simulated working environment (SWE). This was reinforced theoretically with a workbook that enabled all new starters to fully understand key principles including lean manufacturing, Health and Safety, Continuous improvement along with other key metrics including our internal standards. This foundation of knowledge will now support all new employees on their way to achieving NVQ Level 2, which will also be supported by KZN.

Throughout the whole programme Mark and Mick have demonstrated an excellent combination of knowledge and experience as well as a commitment to continuous improvement on all aspects of the programme as it has developed.

From their support and the structure of their delivery we have seen an excellent retention rate of new starters and all new employees are entering the business fully equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful on the shop floor.


Steven Spencer

GM ML Human Resources advisor



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