KZN Management Training Solutions Ltd

Creating value through the elimination of waste


 Engineering companies have to respond to a range of pressures, expectations and drivers to enable them to develop a sustainable business strategy. The more forward-thinking companies are addressing the issues and actively engaging innovative solutions to ever changing risks and opportunities. Some of the issues facing Engineering Organisations are: developing products; delivering products; measuring performance; making improvements; managing people.

KZN aims to give participants:

In particular, the programme addresses the concepts, tools and techniques that are essential to creating world class lean engineering and organisations and applying them through deployment in the workplace.


  • Career Development Coaching
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    Be competitive whilst driving down costs, maintaining quality and achieving sustainable improvement.


    Showing you how Lean can support Logistics Operations to enable you to move your business forward.


    Develop a sustainable business stratgey by meeting risks and opportunities head on.


    Reduce wastage and develop processes to give maximum output.