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Lean Training Kits

Kick off your in-house training with one of the KZN Lean Training Kits

At KZN Solutions we recognise that certain clients with internal training capability want to have the best possible training resources to maintain the LEAN journey. With this in mind our Lean Training Kit has been designed to build on the work that our specialist consultants deliver and features a desk top simulated work environment that is particularly suited to training major elements of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) techniques.

The training kit includes all of the resources required by the trainer to deliver an internal programme together with up to 10 days of detailed content for group sizes of 8-12 participants, making it more flexible for a range of needs. It can be utilised for anyone that needs to understand the basics of lean through to detailed training of internal facilitators to lead activities.

A demonstration of the Lean Training Kit can be organised and a variety of support can be included within differing scale of purchase prices. These include, as a stand-alone purchase, to include attendance on a Train the Trainer course, to include initial delivery within your organisation/mentoring for your Trainers.

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Be competitive whilst driving down costs, maintaining quality and achieving sustainable improvement.


Showing you how Lean can support Logistics Operations to enable you to move your business forward.


Develop a sustainable business stratgey by meeting risks and opportunities head on.


Reduce wastage and develop processes to give maximum output.