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Apprenticeship Nominations Announced

Coding and marking specialist Domino Printing Sciences, has been nominated for the Apprenticeship Employer Award as part of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week.

KZN Solutions has been delivering the Intermediate Apprenticeship at level 2 (Improving Operational Performance) training to over 100 apprentices at the Domino (UK) Ltd site at Bar Hill, Cambridge.  

Michael Bainbridge, managing director of KZN said:  “Domino has a demonstrated an amazing support for each learner throughout their participation in LEAN teams and in individual performances.

“The company’s managers have put in a series of actions to help support and review the apprenticeship training programme and ensure that the LEAN process and subsequent progress becomes an integral part of the company’s ethos.

“All in all, Domino has proved that it can operate under a true vision of LEAN and has demonstrated through embedding a culture for change across its working methods that it can succeed in achieving its ‘ideal’.

“In addition Sohale Soloman has been nominated for the Apprentice Award for his outstanding commitment to the training and motivation to achieve. Congratulations to both Domino UK and Soloman for your nominations.”



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